Berndts' Europe 2006 Trip
Czech Republic


Welcome to the Berndts' hectic and short trip to parts of Europe

In May 2006, Carol, Jordan and Erich flew from Calgary via Gatwick to the European Continent for a whirlwind tour of four areas - Tuscany in Italy, Barcelona and the Costa Blanca in Spain, Prague and Czechy Krumlov in the Czech Republic via Munich and Freistadt, Austria, and then on to Dresden and Berlin in Germany. Although we have now been in Europe several times, we never tire of exploring new regions.

Italy - Milano, Firenze, Siena, San Gimingnano, Arezzo and Pisa

We caught a connecting flight from Gatwick to Milan. We used the Trenitalia train system to travel on to Florence and Siena, and local buses to explore the Tuscan countryside.

Spain - Barcelona, Alicante, & Torrevieja

We flew from Pisa to Girona/Barcelona. From there we rented a car to drive the Costa Blanca Coast through Valencia to our condo exchange in Torrevieja, about 60 km from the Moorish settlement of Alicante.

The Czech Republic - Munich, Freistadt, Cesky Krumlov and Prague

From Alicante we flew to Munich, from where we drove to Freistadt, Austria, and then directly north through the scenic Bohemia to Prague in the Czech Republic and into the former East Germany.


Germany - Dresden, Wittenberg and Berlin

Our visit to former Communist areas was fascinating and enlightening. Sights closed to tourists for decades have been revived and the former artistic and cultural glories are being restored. Berlin was gearing up to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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